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One of our main aims is to see our community active, fit and healthy.  Come and find out about how you can get involved.  We have classes for everyone and an amazing fully equipped gym on site.

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Hold your next conference or event here at Threeways.  We have a suite of meeting rooms catering for groups up to 300 people.  An investment in us is an investment in our community.

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At Threeways we have a variety of different office and workspace areas for rental on flexible terms

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Our excellent, state of the art conference venue provide a mix of large meeting halls to hire and a series of breakout or meeting rooms and function room hire. Our function room hire and conference facilities are complemented by a quality catering offer which can cater for small and larger events catering for up to 250 people…

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The Threeways Centre offers serviced or managed office space for casual or longer term letting.  You might be considering getting your first office or looking to relocate your operation. Either way come and talk with us about how we can accommodate you.  Threeways is not like any other business centre. We are a designed …

Latest News & Stories

Susan’s Story

My name is Susan Brook, I was born in Chadderton Lancashire and adopted as a baby and was brought up in the King Cross area just above the peoples...
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Callum’s Story

HI, I’m Callum im 18. I joined Three Way’s around 5 weeks ago before this I had no idea what I wanted to do in life, now the future Is...
Cheap Valium India

Stephen’s Story

Prior to commencing the Volunteer Plus programme, Stephen was struggling with low self-esteem and confidence issues, saying he was not very...
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Threeways Sports Partnership

Many might be aware that in September our Sports Centre was flooded and has been out of action since then.  Thankfully we are now progressing an...
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Ozzy’s Story

My name is Michael, Iím an average sporting guy who plays rugby union for Halifax RUFC with a big interest in any sport; be it normal or crazy, from...
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From trouble school to a hub of health and wellbeing, the Story of Threeways

From trouble school to a hub of health and wellbeing, the Story of Threeways. Englands largest asset transfer, in the heart of some of Halifax’s...
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Our Investors & Funders

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