Hello, and thank you for visiting Threeways Centre online.  We’re a small group of people who want to make a big difference across North Halifax.  We firmly believe that the future’s bright and we want to be instrumental in being a part of making this happen in the area.

There’s a lot of talk about the needs and the problems in parts of Halifax.  We’re not denying that these are there, but our focus is on the positive, not the negative.  In every community there are great untapped strengths, the kind of which bring people together, strengthen families and communities and which span generational divides.

Our aim is to find and feed these areas.  In case you haven’t been around for a while, we live in a time when the role of the state is changing.  This has massive consequences for both local and national government and the public sector in general.  This localism agenda is intended to decentralise control and put this in the hands of local communities.

Threeways Centre itself is a perfect example of this change;  an asset which is to be handed over to the community so that it can be used to bring sustainable change.

Threeways Centre isn’t here to ‘deliver solutions’ as such.  Our strategic focus is to empower and enable others to do this for themselves.  Amazing things can happen when people decide to do something together for themselves and for their communities.