One of our commitments to our community and to our community partners is to listen.  We don’t want to presume that we have all of the answers.  We know we don’t.  So we have created an opportunity for local people and local partners to talk to us about what they think about Threeways and what they would like to see happen in the area.  This is called our Consultative Council.  The Consultative Council is a great way for people to get involved in the decision making process at Threeways without being tied down with formalities.

We understand that for many people the idea of being part of a committee of formal group can be a little bit intimidating.  People often feel that they have nothing to contribute when in fact on many occasions those who feel this way often have the most to contribute.  Some people feel like they want a voice but don’t want to ‘sign their life away’ in the process.  We like to think that we get where you are coming from so we created the Consultative Council.

What is the Consultative Council?

The Consultative Council is a group which meets quarterly to discuss what Threeways is planning and doing and to see how we can do this better or differently.  It’s a short meeting so there is no major commitment.  If you wanted to be a part of the consultative council you will probably need to commit about 12 hours every year to it.  Half of that will be attending the Consultative Council meetings and the other amount of time will be spent keeping up to speed in the meantime between the meetings.

You don’t have any legal obligations as a member of the Consultative Council itself so don’t worry about that.  Your role is to listen and give us your thoughts in an open setting where we welcome feedback whether it is positive or constructive.

If you are looking to invest something into your community and feel you can commit yourself to a minimum of 1 year or 12 hours or so of your time then we would love to speak with you.  Who knows you may get to love the place like we do and get involved in other ways like volunteering.

Interested?  Then drop us a line or give us a call today.  We’ll send you our information pack and arrange to meet with you with no strings attached!