Threeways was established to create sustainable social change in and across North Halifax.  Many parts of North Halifax sadly have remained areas of high disadvantage for many years with Unemployment, Crime, Health, Education and Training performing well below regional and national average levels.

Threeways was formed to make a difference in our community.  We are a group of largely local people who share a passion for our community and want to see more of what makes North Halifax good as well as seeing improvements where they are needed. Our approach is something called Asset Based Community Development or ABCD.  ABCD is all about working with the strengths of a locality in order to address its weaknesses.

North Halifax is a close knit community with a strong sense of pride for the area amongst many people who call the area their home.  Many families have lived in the area for generations and whilst sometimes the area gets a bad reputation because of the minority, our approach recognises that the vast majority of people want the very best for the area and carry a strong sense of civic pride.

With this as a backdrop, Centre at Threeways was created to be a catalyst in the community; to bring together people who want to see positive change and work together to make it happen.

Most people will know the history of our home.  What people now call the Threeways Centre was once the infamous Ridings School which shot to fame for all of the wrong reasons.  Our goal is to turn this around for good.  We want to transform this building into a place that brings hope and opportunity for our community.  Working alongside our community partners and the local community itself, we have made great progress since our launch in 2013 towards seeing change happen.

The journey though has only just begun.  We’d invite you to be a part of this exciting journey with us.  If you are local and you share our vision then why not get in touch and come and be a part of transforming our community?  We’d love to have you working with us.