My name is Michael, Iím an average sporting guy who plays rugby union for Halifax RUFC with a big interest in any sport; be it normal or crazy, from football to Kurling and all sorts of other sports. I would class myself as an average guy with a great social life and a really good ethic for work, as you read my story it will reveal my journey through Threeways.

I first started volunteering at Threeways Sports Centre in August 2013; I started by volunteering as a Sports Centre Receptionist, which included various tasks such as cleaning the centre, setting up various equipment, answering telephone calls and setting up memberships as well as developing a great range of skills in customer service.

The way I became part of the Threeways Centre is being asked by a volunteer if I would like to help out and become a valuable member of the volunteer team which I did. She brought me from the dark times I was going through; it felt like my depression was taking control of me, my anxiety was getting a lot worse than I thought. She said it would help me to get rid of this and help me focus on life again and get me back to the person I used to be.

Iíve been all around the houses working for different parts of Threeways centre just to gain different experiences, for example after volunteering at the Sports Centre, I moved onto the maintenance side of Threeways, then back to the Sports Centre. That brings me up to now, where Iím working for a homeless charity called Happy Days where I have really excelled within the charity. I got asked to be a Volunteer Supervisor, I grasped at that chance because all I want to do is learn more and more experiences whilst Iím here.

I never thought I could do a Supervisory Role before, Dave Walsh, Threeways Site Manager, asked me to go on a course so I could learn the skills required for this role. I became a Volunteer Supervisor, which involved doing certain tasks with Volunteers and helping them do certain challenges. I have been in certain situations, which has made me a lot stronger and I would like to thank Threeways for this. I will continue my Volunteer service to Threeways as long as I can, at Happy Days.

I am now a Team Leader of a bicycle workshop, which is where I am enjoying myself and becoming a better person in general, I am enjoying my life at the moment. David Fawcett has been a really big inspiration to me, he has helped me through some tough times and always has a smile on his face. I would like to thank all the Happy Days team for this wonderful and amazing opportunity and I am going to currently continue to volunteer until my days of employment come along.