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Callum’s Story

HI, I’m Callum im 18. I joined Three Way’s around 5 weeks ago before this I had no idea what I wanted to do in life, now the future Is looking brighter for me. I have hope now, my confidence Is high, I feel energetic & more possitive about myself. I actually look forward to getting up in a morning now. I was always a school refuser from a young age and this carried on through out my teenage years. I’ve now found different thing’s I want to do with myself such as painting & decorating, plastering, tilling & outdoor maintainence....

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From trouble school to a hub of health and wellbeing, the Story of Threeways

From trouble school to a hub of health and wellbeing, the Story of Threeways. Englands largest asset transfer, in the heart of some of Halifax’s most deprived estates, has established itself as a hub for health and wellbeing through employment of its community. Ovendens former notorious Ridings school has been transformed from a derelict and depressive site to Threeways: a central North Halifax hub which promotes self-empowerment through exercise, training and education. In the not-for-profit organisation’s first year, it has began to establish solid links wi its community, achieve its social policy and planning progressive welfare measures. Threeways chief...

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