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Susan’s Story

My name is Susan Brook, I was born in Chadderton Lancashire and adopted as a baby and was brought up in the King Cross area just above the peoples park. My schooling was at Parkinson Lane Junior and Infants School and Haugh Shaw Secondary Modern School. I left school in 1982 with 7 CSE’s during the recession caused by Margret Thatcherís government and could not find any employment due to having no experience and eventually was placed on the very first government employment programme. I spent the next 2 years on the government work programme which changed its name...

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Stephen’s Story

Prior to commencing the Volunteer Plus programme, Stephen was struggling with low self-esteem and confidence issues, saying he was not very satisfied with his life due to ìhis weight and unemployment issuesî. He qualified this by explaining that he is a ìvery nervous personî and keeps everything close to him i.e. he described himself as being very shy and would ìfind it difficult to do tasks on (his) own because I don’t want to mess things up for me or the groupî. He found engaging with others difficult, or trying new tasks. This was a huge barrier for Stephen...

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