Chris Feenan

Joined: April 2017

Role: Sports Centre Manager

Chris joined the centre back in April 2017 as interim centre manager and has remained with us to help improve our sports and fitness delivery. He has held numerous positions managing community sports facilities in Devon and Stock-on-Tees, before joining Threeways. Increasing activity levels and fitness plays a large role in Chris’s focus who is determined to show our community a centre with resources available.

Hailey Dundavan

Joined: June 2013

Role: Gymnastics Coach

Hailey is one of the longest serving members of staff at Threeways. She joined as volunteer back in 2013 whilst working as a special needs support assistant at a local primary school. After volunteering in the sports centre through the summer holidays she took on the role of sports development manager in October 2013 as she was excited at the prospect of being part of such a large community project in Ovenden.

Since December 2018 Hailey has focused on developing the gymnastics club that runs out of the Threeways Sports & Leisure centre, seeing an attendance of approx. 90 gymnasts per week. Hailey thoroughly enjoys being committed to delivering community based work and hopes to grow the gymnastics club to provide a full programme of activities for all ages. 

Sarah Duffin

Joined: February 2015

Role: Sports Assistant

Sarah joined Threeways in a volunteer role after assisting with the North Halifax Taekwondo club, and wanted to provide a service in whatever way she could to her local community. Since joining Threeways Sarah has been involved in many aspects of operation throughout the site, from assisting with conferencing, preparing our sports facilities to helping with the delivery of our gymnastics club. In May 2018 Sarah was awarded the ‘Outstanding Individual’ at the North Halifax Neighbour Awards for her work at Threeways. 

Kim Shedden

Joined: June 2016

Role: Sports Assistant

Kim was one of the original mums who brought her daughter to the gymnastics club at Threeways and was part of the infant charity that we know is ‘Mothershare’ which is based at Threeways. Kim saw that help was required during the initial phase of the Threeways project and decided to help where she could. Initially starting out as a volunteer, then, thanks to an interest in fitness Kim managed to get qualified as a Level 2 fitness instructor to assist the centre with fitness inductions and advice in the gym. Now-a-days Kim somehow manages her to spilt her time as a fitness instructor for the centre, as a self-employed fitness trainer, her work for Mothershare and her work as a self-employed hair stylist and even help the gymnastics club when necessary –  A true representation of devoting one’s time to her local community.

Lindsey Miller

Joined: August 2017

Role: Sports Assistant

Lindsey joined the centre on placement on a voluntary basis, after a she was employed on a part time basis in the sports centre. Being local and working within a local community based environment was ideal, she has also found herself working in Trios Neighbour Café based on the Threeways site, highlighting her adaptability and drive to work.

Callum Jackson

Joined: April 2019

Role: Sports Assistant

 Callum joined the centre following a 4 week placement at the centre. He had long held an interest in sport and fitness, but has not had the opportunity to gain any experience within the industry to help in pursuing a career in sport. Callum is now employed on a part time basis gaining valuable experience of sports centre operations which will in due course help him progress into a more permanent position.