Did you know that Threeways is a different kind of conference provider?  It is a social enterprise.  What does this mean?  A social enterprise trades not just for profit but for social benefit.  In the case of Threeways, the conferencing services that we provide create income which creates employment and also allows us to support the wider work of the charity.

Next time you are on site, ask us for a tour.  We would love to show you our work and how it is impacting the lives of local people.  You’ll find it a true inspiration.  If you are holding an event here at Threeways we are more than happy to explain a little more about our story and our mission to you and your delegates as part of the welcome to your event.  We’ll warmly invite people to our centre, explain what we are about and show them a short video explaining what we do and why we do it.

This can be a couple of minutes or longer if you feel it would add value to your event.  For more information about our social mission ask us when you talk with us about your booking.  You can be assured that your investment in Threeways is being directed into something which is making a real and tangible different in the community.

We look forward to hearing from you!