So what’s all the fuss about community growing? After all it’s just planting a few things and waiting for them to grow isn’t it?

Health Benefits

Well there’s more to it than meets the eye.  The facts are that most people in our area eat a high proportion of processed food.  It’s well known that processed food is not great for you when compared to fresh organic produce.  But people don’t go fresh often because the can’t afford it.   So they eat things like ready meals which are really convenient but full of salt and sugars which don’t do you much good at all.

So if someone said to you ‘here’s a chance to learn how to grow your own free of charge’ what would you say?  With a little time and effort you can start to improve your diet without having to go on crash diet plans and all of that.  Eating healthily is by far the best way to stay healthy and fresh fruit and vegetables are a vital part of keeping yourself trim and terrific.

Social Benefits

Did you know that loneliness is a real problem across the UK.  North Halifax is no different.  Loneliness brings with it a whole lot of other challenges and consequences that are not good for us.  It’s not easy to admit you are lonely.  In fact most people would not even start to admit it.  But the truth is that at one point or another in our lives we all experience loneliness.  We might have lost a loved one or lost our job or might have found that family have moved away.  Either way you can make new friends.  There are plenty people in your situation.

So here’s one way to get yourself out of the house, get active and meet some great people along the way.  Come along to Growing Together and it won’t be long before you know exactly what we mean.

Confidence and Skills

Learning something new is a great way to boost your confidence.  Confidence will take you a long way in life and the lack of it is a great inhibitor.  Learning something doesn’t mean you have to go back to school or to university.  To most people that wouldn’t be an option.  Learning something can be quite simple.  Learning how to grow your own fruit and vegetables can be a really rewarding thing.  Not only do you get new knowledge and skills but you also see the end result – the fruit of your labour.  It’s so rewarding to put the effort in and see the physical benefits right in front of your very eyes.

So some down and take a look at what we’re doing.  We’d love to see you down here at Threeways.