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Fitness Centre Testimonial

“I was looking for a gym near me which offered plenty to offer and pay as you go options for cheap gym membership. Threeways was not only a local gym but offered everything I needed for a good gym workout including optional personal trainer. The gym prices are very good and the parking is free which saves me paying at a gym in Halifax town centre” – Josh

The Threeways sports department began it’s work on transforming the sporting habits of North Halifax in June 2013.
Since then we have introduced a British Gymnastics Club, fitness classes, line dancing, Sports Leaders UK courses and filled the hall with community sports bookings. Some of the clubs based here include Threeways Gymnastics, North Halifax
Taekwondo, Halifax Tai Sho Shotokan Karate and Star Boxing. All together, creating a fantastic family atmosphere.

Recently, the small gym that we inherited has been relocated and transformed into an impressive fitness facility
in the old science block (for those of you with a historic interest in the building). We will be developing a
fabulous new dance school on site in the near future too.
Our Summer, Easter, Bonfire and Christmas events are always something to watch out for and look forward to. The
family of Threeways clubs always put on a great show!

All of these achievements have only been made possible by the members of the local community that volunteer their
time and skills to help us. Threeways Sports Centre is run by the community, for the community. Our volunteers
have enabled us to open a traditional, affordable tuck shop. Our community events could not have happened
without our volunteers either. In fact 80% of the colleagues in the sports centre are community volunteers.

To get involved and make a difference in the community or to join a new club and discover talents you never
thought you had, just pop into the centre or give us a call/ drop us an email. One of our friendly colleagues will
take you through the next steps to making a positive change in your life and in those of others!