The Volunteer Plus Programme relies on our work and cooperation with local partners many of whom have referred programme particpants to us over the course of the project.  Our partners include Job Centre Plus who we have worked with since the programme began in 2013 together with West Yorkshire Probation. More latterly Halifax Opportunities Trust have worked closely with us until very recently.

The project relies on funding from other key partners.  These include a three year commitment from Calderdale Council who provided £20,000 per year to enable us to continue the project after the concept was proven in 2013.

Thanks to the confidence and work of these and other partners we have been able to see hundreds of local people supported.  On average we have seen 1 person every month find work as a result of enrolling on the Volunteer Plus Programme.  In addition to this we regularly get overwhelming feedback from our particpants about how Volunter Plus has helped them to build their skills and confidence and feel like they can bring value to their community.

We’re proud of our work with Partners since the launch of Volunteer Plus and look forward to a continued and healthy relationship with them.